Sunday, October 14, 2012

Jungle Cat

Today i did a photo shoot with my friend Nikole with her Halloween costume for this year. She was a jungle cat! These were taken at belmont lake state park. I absolutely love this shot from the shoot.

Strobist info: cam left speedlite shoot thru umbrella @ 1/2 power

Tokina 11-16mm 2.8 Canon t1i Cactus v5 triggers

Kitty Cat Climbing

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Crazy Contacts!

My friend Alison had posted up an instagram photo of her and her crazy looking contacts and i thought id ask her to see if she wanted to do a shoot. And these were the results :)

Strobist info:

cam left speedlite in softbox @ 1/4 power
behind model on floor pointed to her back speedlite @ 1/8 power
Giant reflector on cam right

Ali Face

Ali 2

Ali 1

Heather at Stillwell

Sept 14th I went out to Stillwell woods park out in woodbury to do a portrait session with my friend Heather. This shot was one of my favorites from the shoot.

Strobist info:

Alien bee cam left behind subject @1/16 power, CTO Gel
Alien bee cam right as main light, forgot the type of modifier, but i think it was a gridded beauty dish.

Heather in the field

POV Oil Change

Sept 13th 2012 I was out doing an oil change on my car and while i was doing it, i figured id break out the GoPro camera and the chesty mount for a POV oil change pic :) POV Oil Change w/GoPro

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Yoga Photo Shoot Session

This is from my latest shoot i did with Cassandra. I wanted to do a yoga themed photo shoot, so i went with it! Found Cassandra from a local yoga group on facebook and we booked the shoot. This is by far one of the best images ive done in quite some time now! This was taken at Gilgo Beach, Long island. And YES!!! Those are the real clouds!

Strobist info: Nikon sb-24 cam left bare at 1/2 power, triggered by cactus v5

Yoga at the Beach

Lake George Panorama

After the Poconos trip, we went straight to Lake George, NY where i took this panorama of Lake George in HDR. Notice in the middle of the image, its raining!

Lake George Panorama

Waterfalls Photo Shoot

My gf and her mother baught the guys in the family the NASCAR Experience at Pocono Raceway for a christmas gift, so our date was in July. While we went to the Pocono's, i had a photo shoot set up with a friend, first we shot his car, and then we wanted to go by a waterfall setting so his gf can pose and i can add some great images to my portfolio. This was a little place called Buttermilk Falls. Amazing scenery, wish i could live by a place like this. But this was my favorite image from the shoot, hope you like it!

Strobist info: Nikon sb-24 cam left bare at 1/4 power, triggered by cactus v5

Jerica Waterfalls